Welcome to Gallagher Author Services!

First let us ask you a very important question:

Do you see your writing as a career or a hobby?

If you are serious about your writing, and you want a career as a published author, we can help.

With the rapid fire changes in publishing, there has never been more responsibility placed upon authors. Authors are now responsible not just for writing bestselling books, but for marketing and promotion across multiple platforms and venues including:

Consistent Content Updates On Facebook Author Pages
Active and Robust Twitter Accounts
Consistent Author Presence on Blog & Review Sites
Run Contests
Build A Mailing List
Build Relationships With Other Authors (Cross-Promote)

Authors Must Build a Brand, not just write books!

Managing these demands can be a massive drain on an author’s time when what an author should be doing is

Authors need an experienced, reliable company that can carry some of the burden.

Let Gallagher Author Services help you if:

  • You hardly have time to write.
  • You are a new author and need help setting up a blog tour and and or finding qualified reviewers.
  • You are an established author who doesn’t have time to sleep let alone think of ways to promote your books.
  • Balancing your day job and writing life leaves your family wondering if they’ll see you at all this year.
  • You have a difficult time marketing yourself other than asking people to buy your book.
  • You continue missing blog appearances or forgetting to send readers books they’ve won through contests.
  • You spend more time on the administrative stuff (emailing, blogging, promoting, etc) than writing.
  • You spend more time at the post office than writing.
  • You spend more time coordinating blog tours than writing
  • You find yourself forgetting important dates (blogging, conferences, signings).
  • You feel overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks.
  • You’re overwhelmed with promotion and social media.
  • You have tons of great ideas for fan interaction but not enough time to bring them to fruition.
  • You spend more time answering reader email, planning promotions and playing on social media than you do writing.
  • You tend to be scattered and need someone to keep you focused and on track.
  • You say, “I need an assistant” more than once a week.
  • You want to sound super cool to your author friends when you say, “My assistant will take care of that.”

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Author assistance for all your publishing needs.